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Prags Boulevard 8, 1 th, København (København S), 2300, Denmark

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From Africa to Denmark,being a massage and Wellness therapist for the past 14 years, combined with our traditional ways and techniques to give our clients satisfying results. Not forgetting our Natural oils and essential oils. Join us in making the body whole again. Deep tissue massage for pain relief ,back pain, neck and shoulders Relaxation massage for general well-being and circulation. Pregnancy massage for Mama and baby Postpartum massage also for New mother's Well-being. Cupping massage Therapy for pain relief etc Pedicure treatment to remove hard skin and all Lymphatic drainage massage for removing toxin build up. Hotstone Massage therapy( the winter vibe ,for circulation and pain relief).


Prags Boulevard 8, 1 th, København (København S), Denmark

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Relaxation Massage Therapy

35min - 2t 5min


350 kr.

400 kr.

A relaxation massage, is also known as Swedish massage,and its main focus is to relax the muscles of the body to help with soreness and mobility,also aids circulations and encourages sleep. This is combined with African techniques. En afslapningsmassage, også kendt som svensk massage, og dens hovedfokus er at slappe af kroppens muskler for at hjælpe med ømhed og mobilitet, hjælper også cirkulationer og tilskynder søvn. Dette kombineres med afrikanske teknikker .

Amaantara Rose Quartz Facials & Pedicure... Amaantara rosenkvarts Ansigtsbehandling og pedicure

55min - 1t 5min


500 kr.

600 kr.

This is a special technique by Amaantara gives a general face and neck lifting with Rose Quartz Healing Stones, involving steaming and toning of the face and neck, which is completed with palm massage. The feet are soaked in African Earthenware Foot Soak, to give a feeling of being in Africa, while receiving healing through the foot soak.. Flowers ,essential oils and other herbs are added to the warm water to enhance relaxation. The feet are hen dried and massaged the African way... These treatments combined ,gives Body, Mind And Soul a feeling of Well being. Dette er en speciel teknik fra Amaantara, der giver et generelt løft af ansigt og hals med helbredende sten af ​​kvarts, der involverer dampning og toning af ansigt og hals .

Pregnancy Massage

35min - 1t 20min


300 kr.

350 kr.

This massage technique involves the use of superficial effleurage to assist in reducing non-medical edema by increasing lymphatic drainage, which brings a general well- being to mother Please, expectant ladies should book from their 3rd trimester.

Amaantara Massage & Wellness

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